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sa1991's Journal

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21st May 2009

8:34pm: I'm probably going to add a little twist to this table.
I'm also posting some of fanfiction from a friend of mine. I asked her permission, to post some of them on LJ. Because of course, she helped me become better at writing. I also gave her good ideas for her ficcage. She primarily writes Death Note, Yu-gi-oh GX and xxxholic, and I am slowly introducing her to Scrubs.
8:30pm: I'm starting again: Scrubs
My Mentor/Newbie Table

Table originally started by Ashersthedragon.

001.Immortal002.Sway003.Sticks and Stones
006.Over007.Speak008.White noise009.Snow storm010.Present
011.Quitting012.Paint013.Freak out014.Home alone015.Haunted
031.Eating out032.Admire033.Thrilled034.Shadow035.Coming home
036.Anywhere037.Lonely road038.Electrify039.Coffee break040.Chained
046.Sheltered047.Nosebleed048.Cuddle049.Fireplace050.Played for a fool
051.Fireflies052.Pills053.Endless night054.Crawl055.Invisible
071.Speakers072.Under the influence073.Odd socks074.Spatula075.Watching
076.Sweat077.Closer078.Turning point079.Mercy
080.Under pressure
081.News082.Candy083.Rain084.Whistle085.Needful things
086.Lawyers087.Park bench088.Locked089.Tongue-tied090.Marzipan
091.Butterflies092.Winners and Losers093.Abducted094.Plugged095.Carefree
096.Writer's Choice097.Writer's Choice098.Writer's Choice099.Pet Names (WC)
100.Writer's Choice

Current Mood: artistic

10th December 2008


So anyways I deleted all of my entries on fanfiction, and other things, and decided to start fresh.
I am Clarissa, and I do random things, write and draw.

Current Mood: drained
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